Mark Marschark and his thoughts on Education for Deaf children.

I finally got around to reading the caption notes of Marc Marschark speech on how Deaf Children learn and are we on the right path? Wow, a great presentation. I should have been there except that I couldnt go.
From what I have read, ultimately a deaf kid needs to acquire optimal world knowledge and optimal language skills and a bag of tricks. Deaf and hearing kids learn differently…
So what it means. A teacher of the deaf has a bigger job than a normal teacher – she/he has to tailor lesson plans for each deaf learner! Phew…
  • David Barry Parker Based on the notes I have, its a fact that a deaf kid will always be behind an equivalent hearing kid in terms of knowledge and especially word associations. Id of cognitive skills of a kid is essential for an optimal education intervention.

    Tanya Miller Which is why your average teacher of the deaf should be a hell of a lot better than they are.

  • David Barry Parker Yes Yes Yes. If parents get involved in their deaf children’s education, these kids get ahead. That is all.

  • David Barry Parker Good stuff!

  • David Barry Parker Hats off to some of these teachers of the deaf. I had some good ones when I was at North Rocks School for the deaf

  • David Barry Parker I thank my mummy especially for my education… No she did not pass on my love of the colour purple Its merely a set of mutant genes that led me to be obsessed with the colour purple?

  • John Bruton @ David. If you (or your parents) were given a choice, which one would be? Deaf high school with fully trained deaf teachers (meaning like you or me getting a job as a science or math teacher) offering subjects like English, Auslan,….or mainstream high school with support deaf teachers? My wife and I spoke to Prof Marc Marschark and he said that generally deaf children will always be behind than hearing ones and do feel isolated at mainstream schools.

  • Phillip Mitchell You got very lucky because your teachers are good educated plus your parent too. Today – your parent really proud of you. Am I wrong?

  • Phillip Mitchell Many deaf children try to reach for ahead but hearing teachers really don’t understand about deaf culture in old days time. To made them got behind so badly? I really hope that deaf children get better education today than old days time?

  • David Barry Parker Really its parents input as well. As for me, I am better off in a main stream school with selective interpreting support and as long there are other deaf students…

  • David Barry Parker Again each deaf student have their own unique learning skills and each one is different. Thus there is no one solution for deaf kids. We have to look at each deaf student and try and work out the best possible support for each student. That is, some deaf students can be mainstreamed and cope with the work academically (socially is another story!)… Other deaf students are better off in an all deaf school. Thats why its complex.

  • David Barry Parker John Bruton, I went to an all deaf school most of my schooling life, and then I went on to do my higher school certificate in an all hearing school. Shane Mundy and I were the students at this local high school. We both did very well in the HSC. It is a proof, we as signing deaf students and he especially as a deaf kid of deaf parents can go on and do well academically. I am glad I did my HSC with him. I wont deny that social isolation occurs in a mainstream school for deaf students. There is an interplay of social and education parameters to take into account when deciding to place a deaf student in a deaf or hearing school! Blimey.

  • David Barry Parker I have to thank certain figures who helped Shane and I get into a local high school with full interpreting support. Thank you.

  • Red Becky He’s brilliant and my idol he made me more determined and I now say every deaf children with individual needs not hearing children who cannot hear.

  • Liz Evans yeah I so wish I had more support from my father who had brilliant brains & never passed any of them onto his kids… ! sure would have helped my schooling heaps with my hearing loss. I was certain I wasn’t ‘dumb’, I just couldn’t hear the words well when it came to spelling tests….

  • Lou De Beuzeville Just a slight correction: it not a fact that deaf kids will always be behind. As a population, they are behind. But some individual deaf kids will be ahead of some individual hearing kids. Also, there are some areas MM didn’t cover where deaf kids do better. Eg: they have poorer recall of a sequence of numbers but BETTER at repeating them backwards.

  • David Barry Parker Great to see some refutation, Lou De Beuzeville

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David Parker is a true Deaf person. He has an electrical engineering degree from UNSW and he is fascinated with science, engineering, technology, and mother nature.
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